Lottery tickets, beer and wine, gas, plus the BEST donuts!

Ocean Market, on 142nd Street and Coastal highway, might appear like your average gas station, in case you peer closer you'll notice the "fresh donuts" logon of the question and wonder. Well have no fear, these donuts develop the OcExaminer stamp of approval plus they are made right their behind the counter!

Ever since i'd been little, the donuts from Ocean Market happen to be certainly one of the best sweet treats in Ocean City. Once you have one you simply won't have the ability to drive by each day without stopping straight into see read more whether their are any warm, fresh-dipped donuts behind the counter. There is absolutely nothing too fancy about these donuts- these are simply warm, fresh, and delicious.

Get to Ocean Market early because then these fresh- made donuts are the most effective;still warm in the fryer. The donuts are cake-style donuts made close to site and topped with assorted icings and sprinkles. Warm, moist and sweet that has a deep-fried taste that produce them undeniably delicious. Don't let the corner-store atmosphere fool you; these donuts can be a special treat! Just proves you can't always judge good, home-made treats by their surroundings.

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